Eindhoven bound swimmers have session in NAC

There are over 40 swimmers going to Eindhoven in a couple of weeks to compete in the Europeans and nearly 30 of them gathered in the NAC on Sunday 11th and had a session under the watchful eyes of Gerry Foley and Paulo di Paolo. From what I hear there was a much comparing of notes and gossip as there was swimming. It is wonderful to see Irish Masters represented by such a large bunch of swimmers at this event.

Aer Lingus have entered 5 relay teams in the event and this is a first for Irish Masters swimming. 

To enably all to follow the exploits of our athletes I attach a copy of a spreadsheet on which is outlined the swimmers, their events and when they are due to swim. The Irish results and a link to the overall meet results will be posted on a daily basis. Sadly The Rat is not going but we are trying to recruit another to give us the inside track on happenings.