Development Squad Session with HP Coach Lars Humer


With the European Masters swimming championships due to be held the first week of September in Eindhoven a clinic of the  Swim Ireland masters Development Squad was held at UL Arena this weekend. Resident Swim Ireland High Performance Coach Lars Humer took the clinic giving the swimmers the benefit of his expertise. There were two pool sessions at which he concentrated on the importance of “gear changes”(changing pace) during training which in turn transfers to competition performance. 

Also included was the approach to improving the efficiency of turns in modern swimming which can contribute significantly to the athlete’s performance levels. Bearing in mind that the knowledge gathered over the years techniques of the turn have changed significantly over time.The most recent approach to the technique of  turns and in particular transition turns were highlighted, ably demonstrated by Alan Corby of the ULHPC. It was contended that concentration on the development of the skills in perfecting the technique of turning efficiently would bear fruit in terms of lowering performance times.

The discussion session included the importance of preparation before and after competition. The approach to warm up and swim down, Lars maintains, is not given enough consideration by swimmers or coaches. Depending upon circumstance there should be flexibility in approach to these important elements of the competition cycle and swimmers who are competing in multiple events over a period of days should carefully consider the recovery phase between events.

Much credit must go to Paolo di Paulo who organised the event and to the management of UL who ensured that the required facilities were made available.

Beir bua to Dymphna who goes in the World Masters Games in Turin this week.